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July 5, 2012
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Green Dragon of the East by LadyViridis Green Dragon of the East by LadyViridis
Second in the series of four celestial beasts/kings of Chinese mythology.

The dragon represents east, spring, earth, and green.

11 x 14", watercolor & ink on 140lb Arches Watercolor paper.
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That's great! But... isn't it supposed to be blue? (Qinglong = azure dragon)
LadyViridis Jul 5, 2012  Professional General Artist
The site I found said blue/green dragon, and I went with green to more emphasize the connection to the earth element. I know Japanese traditionally only had one word for both blue and green, so I assumed Chinese might be similar.

(Also... it just looked better green in this particular set. Artistic license. *shrug*)
VirgoGarg Jul 5, 2012  Professional General Artist
Cool! Are you making pins or pendants with these? Would be neat.
LadyViridis Jul 5, 2012  Professional General Artist
I hadn't thought of that-- the intent was mostly to sell them as prints-- but I'll definitely keep that in mind. I'll have to find a place that can make pendants first, but you're right that they would work well. :)
VirgoGarg Jul 6, 2012  Professional General Artist
There are a few methods you can use to make your own. Using a chain or a knotted string with a few leaf shaped beads attached would also be a nice touch.



1. Get some wood, plastic, metal or glass pieces the size you want for your pendant. Make sure a hole is drilled on top for attaching to necklace.

2. Print your image(s) on white card stock. Make sure printer is on its best setting. Cut.

3. Apply a generous coating of Modge Podge to the front of everything except the glass. That gets coated in the back.

4. Carefully attach the paper to your medium, pressing out air bubbles. If you are too rough, the paper will break. Once dry, apply more to exposed side.

5. When both sides are dry, spray on a few coats of clear acrylic sealer. Uncoated Modge Podge sticks to other objects and does not do well in humidity.


1. Follow above printing steps.

2. Get brooch frames from a craft store, or you can punch a hole in the top of a bottle cap and attach a small eye-screw through the hole with some jewelry glue.

3. Use gloves and eye protection. Epoxy is clear and comes in two parts which harden into a plastic-like substance when mixed. Only mix as much as you will be using.

4. Glue picture to the bottom of your frame or bottle cap. Once dried, mix and pour the epoxy over top.


1. Print once again. Get metal washers from a hardware store or wood pieces with eye-screws on top .

2. Modge Podge picture to pendant. Once dry, carefully squeeze enamel from the bottle onto the picture. Cover the top completely and let dry.

Good luck!
LadyViridis Jul 6, 2012  Professional General Artist
Yeah, I did a bit of googling and found some methods that might work. It'll mostly be a matter of time and cash to get the supplies. I'll definitely look into it though.
VirgoGarg Jul 6, 2012  Professional General Artist and are good resources. Checking thrift stores for materials can also work.
LadyViridis Jul 7, 2012  Professional General Artist
Cool! :)
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